Giant Sleeves Sweater Outfit

1:34 PM

Ok, so let’s talk sweaters.

Sweater weather is the best weather in my opinion!  There is nothing like slipping on a soft and cozy sweater on a cool morning or evening as fall kicks in. I could probably fill about 5 closets with the amount of sweaters I’ve bought over the years. I have such a huge mix of them, some from my college days, some from my pay check, and some handed down to me from my sisters. I’m pretty good at cleaning out but it’s so hard to say good-bye so, they still take up pretty much all of my closet space. NastyGalRevolve and FWRD now have a huge variety of sweaters, and they all are stunning, so you can go and check them out. 
In my post today, I styled one of my sweater from Zara. I loved the color, the coziness and the giant sleeves. Round neck, full-bodied sweater with long sleeves and multicolored floral embroidery on the shoulder. I’ve been really into this blush color for Fall and it’s also one of my favorite colors to go monochrome with.  I got this skirt from Zara as well, and I like the design of it, you can style it how you want, because it’s nude. I really loved how the outfit turned out! 

How would you guys style this sweater?
Thanks for stopping by! x

Nikoleta Lj, xoxo.

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