My Dream Makeup Vanity

4:59 AM

Most girls pretty much have an idea of what their dream vanity is going to be like and I’m not an exception! I think looking at perfectly displayed makeup would be my favorite pastime. It would just fill me with joy! 
Since I'm always traveling from my hometown Montenegro and back to where I study in Dubrovnik, still I didn't make my makeup vanity where I place my makeup stuff and the place where I actually do my makeup. It makes me so nervous, but I have to wait until I finish college and then it's my time to design my own makeup vanity where I'll organize and have my makeup products in one place. Can't wait for that, but in the mean time since I use a lot Pinterest every day when I search for new things I also look to different designs and how to make my makeup corner. 
Lately, I've been loving Vintage things, and here I am sharing with you some pictures where I included how actually my dream makeup vanity would look like. I see that everyone is having that big white dressing table from IKEA, with a mirror and lights in it, I know everyone has different taste, but I wanted something different and this caught my eye and definitely I am looking forward to buying these makeup organizers, they are gold, simple, and unique. I want a clean desk where I can find myself to grab the things that I actually need. I'll put a chandelier also a vintage one, and some candles, and these organizers. I also included a picture frame. I would love to have a big mirror, or a small one if I'll put my desk in front of a window, then I'll have a small one since I love doing my makeup during the day and there is no better light than the daylight!
For me, this would be my perfect dream vanity area and I'm looking forward to designing my dream vanity like this as I described.

What about your dream makeup vanity? What would you add or what you think is the most important thing when you have your vanity? 

N, xoxo.
The Glitter Chic

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