How To Get Ready Quickly

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If you're like me, morning rituals may consist of only a couple of minutes to try and look the best as possible. With time, I've mastered the techniques of getting ready as quickly as possible, because thanks to college days I had to do so. When it comes to a quickly morning routine it's not only about what products I use to trim the time but how I plan ahead in case I oversleep, and let's be honest that happens to all of us, well at least to me, having long study nights... 


The worst thing you could do is to try a new look that you never wear or products that you've never used before, trust me, that happen to me like a hundred of times, but NOW I know the drill. I always play safe and wear as little makeup as I can. I only use the products that I know for sure will make me look good in the areas I need it. To me, these products are a good concealer, a bit of blush, mascara, and lipstick. 


As much as I would love to be like those awesome bloggers, mornings don't aspire me to be one, honestly. I am not a morning person and when it comes to clothes, I'm still a mess. Luckily, most of my pieces that I wear for college are monochromatic, plain, and matching, all I have to do is grab my favorite Black Zara Jeans and any top that I reach out to first, white or gray, my favorite colors.  


Makeup routine, this is where most of our time goes in the morning, even if I only wear like two or three products. I've been really committed to not leave the house without having breakfast and it actually makes the whole day better for me. It makes such a big difference, and you are more awake, your day starts great when you don't have an empty tummy. I'll never prepare something the night before because I never manage to do that, instead, I go for quick and easy things that I can eat while doing my makeup, like a smoothie. I only pour some Almond & Coconut milk, with one banana, and I also add a bit of muesli, it's so yummy. You should definitely try this recipe, it's simple and quickly recipe in the morning.


Hm, what about a shower? I always take a shower the night before and wash my hair very often. If I *really* don't have time for that, I'll just wash my body and use dry shampoo. In case you have to look extra fancy, which happens to me many times, I have to attend presentations in college. I always wear any kind of high heels and a bold lipstick. The two will instantly make a statement to let you keep the rest of your outfit/makeup simple without being worried and late.

What are your tips for getting ready in minutes?

N, xoxo.
The Glitter Chic

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