Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Modern Renaissance Palette' Review

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A week ago my sister came from her holidays, she was in New York, USA and as my other sisters live there as well, they surprised me with this beautiful palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills MODERN RENAISSANCE PALETTE
This winter I was searching to find a new eyeshadow palette, I watched like a hundred Youtube videos to get some recommendations. The number one most raved about palette was definitely the Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Modern Renaissance Palette. I have lots of thoughts about this palette, so I hope that you can find my opinions helpful if you are considering this eyeshadow palette. That's why I wanted to write a review about this gorgeous palette and give you my first impressions. 
I have now been trying out the ‘Modern Renaissance’ palette for a week now, and even in that short amount of time, I can honestly say that I am obsessed. It has the most beautiful varieties of warm shades. I love how there are a ton of everyday neutrals, but there are also a handful of fun colors that are still incredibly wearable and on trend. I also find that this eyeshadow palette looks beautiful on all eye colors and all skin tones. The Modern Renaissance palette has definitely re-sparked my love for makeup, and it’s really encouraged me to be a little mroe creative. I can’t imagine myself getting bored of this palette, and I am constantly discovering new color combinations. It has shades like 'Tempera' and 'Golden Ochre' that are perfect for a daily basis. However, with shades like 'Venetian Red' and 'Love Letter', you can totally make some really unique, glam looks for a night out. Soon I'll be doing a Makeup Look with this palette and I'll film a tutorial for my Youtube channel.
This is definitely a palette I would repurchase in the future. I purchased their Contour Cream Kit in the shade Light, and I've been using it to do my contour and highlight. So far I must say I am very satisfied with it and it was worth the price I bought. The shadows are very pigmented, smooth, and easy to apply and blend. This was my first time trying any Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadows, but I have to admit I am a huge fan now. An additional thing I really like about this ABH palette is the brush that comes in the palette. Most of the time, every brush that comes in a palette, they tend to be cheap and unusable.

However, I actually really love the brush that comes with the palette, and I’ve been using it every single time. Though I absolutely love this palette, there are a few cons for me. One con is definitely the price. Another con is the packaging, though the palette packaging is a beautiful pale pink, it does get incredibly dirty due to the material on the front of the palette. 
All in all, I love this palette! This is a palette I would 100% recommend, especially if you are looking for a unique palette that has a variety of versatile nudes and wearable pops of color. It’s by far my favorite makeup palette that I own.

If you’ve tried the Modern Renaissance palette, let me know what you thought about it? Also, let me know your favorite eyeshadow palettes at the moment?

N, xoxo.
The Glitter Chic

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