7 Day Hair Care Routine

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Hello my lovelies, 
I'm back again! Hope you enjoy this blog post and you find it helpful!

I created a 7 day hair care routine that has worked wonders. As someone who struggles with dry hair, my goal was to add some serious shine and smoothness.

Here’s my routine:

Day 1 – Create a healthy hair diet
To start your 7 day routine off right, the first key is to nourish your hair from the inside out and that means creating a diet rich with hair boosting vitamins and minerals. I started off ditching all nasty foods like sugar and processed meals and I went back to basics. My diet consisted of healthy fats, lean protein and plenty of filtered water to give my hair the energy it needed.
A typical day looked like this:
·      Warm water with lemon to kick start my digestion in the morning
·      Breakfast of boiled eggs and avocado on sourdough toast
·      Lunch of grilled chicken salad with olives and a drizzle of olive oil
·      Baked salmon with roasted vegetables

Day 2 – Ditch the heating tools

On day 2, I made the brave decision to ditch any heating tools from my routine! This was to ensure I wasn’t overworking my hair or doing it too much damage.
I wanted to give my hair a break from the harsh winter by really nourishing it with food and more natural products.
The first step I made was putting my straightener away to avoid temptation (a big step for me!). I then washed my hair with Garnier Ultimate Blends The Colour Illuminator Shampoo and Conditioner for coloured, dry hair. This is my personal favourite as it’s really suited to my hair type and gives me instant shine and smoothness.
I allowed my hair to dry naturally, just by towel drying it and letting it eventually dry out.

Day 3 – Choose a mask treatment
On Day 3, I was on a mission to treat my hair and give it the time out it needed from harsh ingredients and heating tools. I used the EverStrong Strengthening and Repairing Mask Treatment from L’Oréal Paris’ Hair Expertise range because it’s made with 100% sulphate-free solution, plus botanical oils. This unique mixture is perfect for a mask treatment, as it deeply nourishes the hair.
I left the treatment in for about 5 minutes to give my hair the best chance of repairing itself from the harsh Winter winds. I also upped my healthy fat intake that day to ensure my hair was really being nourished both inside and out. I could already feel the smoothness and softness coming back into my locks after years of using heating tools and harsh products.

Day 4 – Prepare your hair for a night out

Halfway through my healthy hair care routine, I was invited to dinner and wanted to try a new style for my hair, without using any heating tools. I chose the EverStrong Texturising Spray from L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise and worked it into my hair for a really nice soft wave. My hair is slightly wavy naturally, so this worked a treat for that ‘just came from the beach’ look.

Day 5 – Wash gently

On Day 5, I was working from home, so I allowed my hair to again dry naturally after washing it in the morning.
I was a bit more careful with the application of my conditioner this time and tried a trick that my hairdresser taught me. She advised that before conditioning the hair, you should squeeze the water from your hair in the shower and then apply the conditioner and work it through your hair gently with massage. Allow it to sit for at least 3 minutes then rinse.
Another great tip is to towel dry your hair by blotting it rather than rubbing the hair (that breaks the follicles and can lead to frizzy locks!)

Day 6 – Up your water intake

Coming to the end of my healthy hair routine, I continued to replenish my body with filtered water and stuck with my clean eating regime. I left my hair to go all natural on day 6 so that it had the chance to repair itself. I have to admit, avoiding heating tools was hard but I could definitely see the difference already! It was looking less frizzy and felt softer.

Day 7 – Finish with a smoothing blow dry

On Day 7, I could really see the amazing results of caring for my hair with a healthy diet and products that were 100% sulphate-free. I’d avoided using heat tools all week, but as I was heading out again to an event, I opted to wash my hair with Garnier Ultimate Blends The Colour Illuminator Shampoo and Conditioner. 

I set my blow dryer to a lower setting and used the mist to create a beautiful smooth finish on my hair. After a week of really caring for it, my hair was in top condition so using the blow dry mist worked wonders!

Try the 7 day hair routine for yourself:

After truly repairing my hair over 7 days, I invite you to give it a go! This is perfect for anyone who struggles with dry or lackluster hair.

Have you tried anything similar to this routine? Do you have new suggestions for me?

Nikoleta, xoxo
The Glitter Chic

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