L'Oreal La Palette Nude 2

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Hello beauties,
this week was so busy for me, with exams and a lot of other things, but I made it to write another review. I hope you will have an amazing weekend, be happy and enjoy every minute of it! Nikoleta, xoxo.

L'Oreal recently came out with 2 new 10-pan eye shadows palettes. La Palette Nude 1- a warm toned bronze palette, and La Palette Nude 2- a cool purple toned palette.
I was initially drawn to the second one because I thought it contained more unique shades than the 1st, which is a pretty basic neutral palette, and the 2nd one was a bit more daring whilst still stay on the neutral page.
The cost of this palette was $20, which is not exactly cheap for being drugstore, but I think it is worth every penny. I think the quality of these shadows is beautiful, and not quite what I expected from L'Oreal. I've never had a whole lot of luck with their colour riche shadow, so when I started playing around with these shadows I was so impressed.

I believe there are a total of 6 matte shadows and 4 shimmers, which pleased me right off the bat because I love a matte shadow, and mattes are something the drugstore lacks.

The shadows themselves are fairly soft to the touch, especially the matte shades, and I they have such good color pay off, you wouldn't even know they were drugstore. Some of the shimmer shades I found work best applied with your finger for the best pigmentation, but for the mattes that isn't a problem. When you first dip your brush into the pan it may seem a little powdery, but if you tap off the excess product on your brush I have had zero problems with fallout, which is amazing! And their wear throughout the day is great, there was no visible creasing or major fading, but I do use a primer so keep that in mind.

From top to bottom...
-Champagne shimmer
- Light rose/taupe shimmer
- Light Stone/taupe matte
- Mid tone brown matte
- Taupe shimmer
- Deep Brown w/ red undertones matte
- Deep Cool bronze shimmer
- Lilac Matte
- Orchid Matte
- Eggplant Matte

I am honestly so impressed by this palette and I think the pigmentation, blend-ability, and over all quality of this palette cannot be beat for 20 bucks. The La Nude Palette 1 may be similar to the original Naked, but La Nude Palette 2 is definitely not a dupe for any, the shades are just so different.
All in all if you are in the market for a gorgeous new palette, but don't want to spend a lot of money, this is definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Are you going to try the new palettes from L'Oreal?

Nikoleta, xoxo.

The Glitter Chic

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