The Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Palette

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Hello my beauties,
Hope you are having a great day. Today I decided to do another review, but this time is an amazing and beautiful palette, that I wanted to try the first day when it came out. It is The Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Palette.
I have now a week off from my college, and I will post my blog post regularly. Love you all, have a great day! Nikoleta, xoxo.

The product quality is amazing. All the colors are highly pigmented, smooth and easy to apply; you don't need to pack much on. Some of the second column shades might apply a bit harder in the crease.
          •    Free Spirit is a yellow-based cream color. Great for highlighting the brow bone.
        •    Force of Nature is a very warm skin tone color. It reminds me a lot of MAC Soft Brown.
    Dreamer is a nice medium-dark neutral brown.
    Multi-tasker is similar to dreamer, however it a beautiful shade that you can use for your crease.
    Caregiver is a pink-toned white shade. Kind of like MAC’s Yogurt but even more pink.
    Natural Beauty is probably my 2nd favorite shade of this entire palette. It’s a beautiful mauve shade that would look fantastic in the crease.
    Best Friend is a slightly darker, plumier version of the previous shade. It reminds me a lot of MAC Blackberry.
    Bombshell is a deep blackened plum. This one reminds me of a smoother more pigmented version of MAC Shadowy Lady. Shadowy Lady might be a little more cool-toned than this one but who cares.
    Supermom is a great universal highlight shade. Comparable to a more pigmented version of MAC Brule.
    Wanderer is a nice sepia-toned brown. It reminds me of a more muted version of the very popular MAC Uninterrupted.
    Power Play is a gorgeous matte taupe. I am so happy they included this in the palette it will accompany so many looks so well.
    Fashionista Ok guys, I’m serious. This is probably the best black I own. This one is BY FAR the most pigmented shade of the entire palette. Also, it is VERY black. It is the blackest black I own, it still is.
The colours, as I stated, are everything I've ever dreamed of. Taupes and dusty mauves/purples are what looks best with my eye colour and there aren't many shades from this family on the market at all: the taupes are either too beige or too gray, the dusty purples simply don't exist.
The two bottom rows are exactly what I need and want and I couldn't be happier with it. The top row I don't use that often, I think it would be perfect to do neutral looks for those with deeper toned skin. I also almost never use the black shade.
I really, really love that it's matte, without even a hint of shimmer or sheen. I'm tired of every eye -shadow ever being shimmery. It can be made less harsh by mixing your eye primer with an eye cream before priming or using a really moisturizing creamy primer (mine is quite dry/drying), but keep in mind that if you have mature or mature-looking eyelids, this might make it worse. The packaging is fine. I'm always afraid to drop it because it's not so small and not so big but that's an irrational fear. It opens very easy and it is perfect for a travel size-
Overall, I'm in love. This is pretty much my go-to palette every time I do makeup. Definitely would repurchase, although by the time I run out they'll have stopped making it.

Do you own this palette? What are some of your thoughts?

Nikoleta, xoxo.
The Glitter Chic.

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