February Favourites 2015!

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Hello my beauties! February Favourites? Can’t believe it yet, the month just flew away so fast. But March, you’re welcome. It’s my favourite month of the year because it’s my birthday month! I’ve been loving a few products that I used every single day. Can’t get enough of them. I really hope you enjoy this post. Have a great day! Nikoleta, xoxo.

1. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

I’m a huge fan of Real Techniques Brushes. The Expert Face brush isn't as wide as the Buffing one, but as always, the bristles are super soft and feel amazing against the skin. It's more oval shaped that the circular Buffing brush, so it would also be good
for applying bronzer in the hollows of the cheeks.
I much prefer using this one for applying foundation. It gives a full, even coverage - I use it like a normal flat foundation brush, like I'm 'painting' on foundation instead of buffing in circular motions. It gives a more flawless, even finish and doesn't use as much product!
Overall, I really do like the Expert Face brush. It's great for applying foundation, but could also be used for other purposes, like contouring. I love the diversity of the Real Techniques brushes, because although they're named for a specific task, they are also multitasking brushes, which you can use for your face.

2. Rimmel Provocalips in "Play with Fire"

A gorgeous deep red and what's awesome about it? It's not transferable what so ever. This stuff stays on when you eat, drink, kiss, and what ever your little heart desires. The only thing that comes off is the lip balm of course. This stuff does not budge all day. I hate having to reapply my lipstick every few hours. With this lip colour, you just have to apply the colour once, and reapply the lip balm everytime you feel a bit dry. This is the formula that everyone needs to get on. I've never had a lip stain or liquid lipstick last this long or have so much difficulty removing. If you do need to remove it though, the best way to do it is with an oil based make-up remover. I'm telling you guys, this is one beauty trend that is up and coming, and it's one that my pockets are going to be crying about because I'm going to be broke. 

3. Rimmel Stay Blushed 001 Pop Of Pink

“Perfect for any occasion: the blush blends instantly and seamlessly to create a long lasting, natural-looking flush of colour that lasts up to 24 hours. Ultra lightweight, won't feel heavy. Lasts all day. “
I have the colour 001 Pop Of Pink which is a really nice bright pink, however don't be scared off when I say that it's bright because when it blends into the skin it actually looks really natural! It's just like the name of the colour says, its just a pop of pink! 
The consistency of this is a mousse-like texture and I think that that's what makes it looks really natural on the skin. It also has a bit of an iridescent glow to it, which is a bonus cause then you don't have to use highlighter! I love this product so much that I have included it into my everyday make-up routine and I wear it to school and it definitely lasts throughout the whole day; which for me is 7-9 hours. Overall, I obviously love this! It's easy to use so I would recommend this to beginners! This is also really travel friendly in the way that it is small and compact but it still has a lot of product in it, and trust me, a little goes a long way!

4. Urban Decay Eye Shadow In Verve

The newly reformulated eye shadows from Urban Decay feature soft velvety texture, decadent color, uniform pigment distribution and blendability, and long-lasting crease-free wear.
Verve — a pale shimmery off-white shadow with a frost finish. Verve is great for highlighting or adding that little sparkle in the center of your lids to finish off a flat look.
I love this eyeshadow. I use it nearly every day and for a casual look I just apply it over my lid, mainly in the inner corners and use a black eyeliner with mascara, and it brightens up my eyes! i also use it when I’m going out and either do a darker smokey eye with this in the inner corner, or use "gun metal" - a shimmery blue from the Naked Palette 1 along with this which is one of my favourite looks.
This shade is versatile and can go with anything and it lasts a while and goes on really nicely. I have nothing bad to say about it, except it is a little pricey as an indiviual shade.

5. Mac Studio Finish Concealer In NW20

I am in love with this concealer! Where have I been before and didn’t tried this one out. It's super thick and I can even say heavy. It gets better when you warm it up a little bit - becomes thinner and creamier when it warms up. Do not rub it, just gently pat it into the skin. It covers like no other, seriously. It's the only thing that can cover my zombie dark circles and make me look slightly more normal. I usually apply it first with the concealer brush and then blend it with my ring finger. It brightens up the under eye area. The consistency of this concealer is great, and it stays a long time into the skin. It’s a saver for my life seriously, you can use this for any blemish that you have, it wil

What were your favorites in February?

Nikoleta, xoxo.
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