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Today's outfit is one of those every day’s looks. Its comfortable, yet simple, since I added my pair of favourite jeans and a white stylish shirt. I love these kind of outfits because I am comfortable to wear it during the day. I wore this the other day when I was finishing errands and arranging meetings. It's something you can easily put on and incorporate in everyday life. But there is such a thing as a habit in dressing. If I give you 20 seconds to get dressed, the chances are you will put on something that you have subconsciously in your head as an outfit of habit. 
That piece I like to spend most time in, and an item I often put on when in a rush or whenever I don’t know what else are my favourite jeans. We all have them. Skinny, Boyfriend, High waisted, Cropped or maybe Ripped, yes there are so many options. Whoever invented jeans, she is a genius and I said it SHE on purpose! Today's post is specially dedicated to the jeans, because I will mark this 2017 with jeans because it was all about jeans. My perfect jeans are from Zara, and I must say I am in love! This pair of jeans are my only high waisted jeans that I own. Before I didn't like to wear high waisted jeans, but when I wore these from Zara I felt in love. 


| I was wearing |

Jeans | Zara
Shirt | Zara 
                        Shoes  Christian Louboutin
Bag | Zara 
Belt | Versace 
Sunglasses Céline 
Bracelet | H&M

What do you think of this outfit look? 

N, xoxo.
The Glitter Chic

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