My 3 Favorite Highlighters

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Hello my lovelies,

It's been a long time since I wrote a blog post, but I wasn't able at all, and I am really sorry about that. Now I am back, and I am looking forward to it to continue to write blog posts, because I simply love it. 
In this blog post I will introduce you my 3-top/favorite highlighters. I hope you enjoy this blog post and it is a really good feeling to be back here. Hope you have an amazing weekend! Lots of love!

The Balm cosmetics: Mary-Lou Manizer

If you want to be seen from the moon, this is the one you need in your life. This is BAM on your face highlighter. Mary-Lou Manizer is the one I prefer to wear for a night out. Not that you can’t wear it during the day, but if you do you are sure to be noticed. Love this one for both its formula and intensity and not to forget the packaging. If you are in for strobing, this one is made for you.

Becca Cosmetics: Opal

Becca cosmetics are known for its highlighter and this one is my personal favorite. Opal is described as “golden opal pearl” which is perfect on warm skin tone. If I compare the shade with other highlighter, it’s no different, but the formula is to die for. The texture on this one is smooth like butter, making it easy to blend. There are no glitter particles; it gives awesome natural sheen on the skin. The powder is finely milled. If you have to go with only one highlighter, I will recommend Becca in the shade Opal.

M.A.C Mineralize Skin finish: Soft & Gentle

Soft&Gentle is described as “gilded peach bronze”. It’s a warm tone highlighter with frost sheen. The powder is not finely milled and has chunky glitter, which can be clearly seen coming off from the pan. However, this drawback does not take away the beauty of the product on the skin. It’s perfect on all skin tones. If you are looking for everyday highlighter I would definitely recommend this one.  It is subtle and beautiful on the skin.

What is your favorite highlighter? Do you have any recommendations for a new highlight that I should try?

Nikoleta, xoxo

The Glitter Chic

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