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   Hello beauties! Here I am with another blog post. This is my first NEW IN PRODUCT #1 post, and recently I purchased these products, hope you like it. Have a great weekend, lots of love!

Burberry Body Eau De Perfume

   I totally adore the Burberry fragrances especially Burberry for women is my all time favourite.
Burberry Body EDP comes in a tall, slim, multi-faceted glass bottle with a golden coloured cap encased in glass and the brand name engraved in bold golden letters on the bottle. The outer cover is very light beige with Burberry Body written in gold. I personally like the advertising campaign too which features model Rosie Huntington-Whitely wrapped in a raincoat by Burberry. It will give you an idea of what the fragrance is all about, a mix of femininity and sensuality.
   I sniffed the fragrance on a paper strip and instantly fell in love with it. Though I believe in testing the fragrance on the body since every perfume smells different on each one of us, this is due to our body temperature and acidity. However, Burberry Body was an exception; the perfume is so tempting you will hardly be able to resist it.

Rimmel Provocalips Transfer Proof Lipstick – Play With Fire

   The Provocalips lip colours are designed to be a very long wearing liquid lipsticks. These are a two step process, the first is the liquid colour which is applied with a doe foot applicator and the second is a gloss that is designed to lock in the colour and add shine, this is also applied with a doe foot applicator. I really wanted to try these lipsticks out, because everyone is rawing about them. Dark and vampy red, which is just beautiful to work with and a perfect shade for me since it's the color I tend to wear at night when I go out. I love reds that are dark and almost plum/wine toned! This one is just a winner for me.
   The formula is amazing, lightweight, super glossy & very pigmented. The best part is it last for 16 hours & it is kiss proof, food proof & transfer proof.

L'Oreal Super Liner Gel Intenza – Pure Black

   I was looking for a gel eyeliner a little while ago and when I was out this one caught my eye. I am often very pleased with the quality of L’Oreal products so thought this would be a good choice to go for. The packaging of the product is very nice and looks high end. The liner comes in a little glass jar with a gold cap. It also comes with a liner brush, which I wasn’t holding out much hope in being good, but was pleasantly surprised as it works very well and is at the standard of a professional brush.
   I picked up this eyeliner in the color 'Pure black" and it is what it says. It is very dark, pigmented, creamy, and dries quickly when applied to the lids. I also use this on my lower lash line and it does not sting or irritate my eyes. This eyeliner does not smudge also. I love to layer my eyeliner on thick and it does not transfer once it has dried. It is long lasting and it does say 24 hours but honestly, it doesn’t last that long say 8 hours and I really don’t need my eyeliner to last for 24hours.

Aussie Miracle Recharge Moisture Infuser Leave-in Conditioner

   Aussie’s new Miracle Recharge Range is a light conditioning leave-in spray that gives hair an extra boost between washes. You can also use it after washing as an addition to your usual hair care routine to help keep your hair healthy and bouncy. I do love healthy bouncy hair. There are eight different sprays in the range to suit all hair care needs. 
   I’ve been using Moisture between washes for a bit of shine. I prefer the result of Moisture to dry shampoo, which can make my hair look really dull and do    I need to mention the fallout from dry shampoo on dark clothing, ugh. This spray is light weight so it don’t weigh my hair down. It leaves my hair looking healthy, shiny and bouncy. This makes me happy!
Golden Rose Nail Polish; 60 34 26

   My first Golden Rose nail polish ever, can you believe it? This affordable Turkish brand is pretty popular here in Croatia and is especially well known for its lipsticks and nail polishes. Golden Rose Color Expert #26 is a real read colour, which I am obsessed with it. Second one 34 is a plumb colour, I wanted to change a little bit so I chose this one, it's a very beautiful shade. And last but not least is the black one 60, simple black colour and I love it!
   The brush in the Color Expert range of polishes is wider and reminds me a bit of Essie brushes the only difference being that the end of the GR brush is a bit awkwardly cut so it takes a bit more effort to apply the polish neatly at the very base of the nail. It is a  thicker consistency so it took some extra effort to get an even application when I first used it. The first coat turned out a bit patchy so I definitely recommend you apply a second one. 
   The extra effort I invested in applying this beautiful coral shade sure was rewarded in the end since the polish turned out to be pretty long lasting on my nails. Minimum chipping appeared on the fourth day (which is really good in my book) so I was able to wear it for yet another day or two before taking it off. Since on average I only do my nails once a week, I’m very pleased with its performance!

Have you tried any of these products? Any recommendations 
for me?

Nikoleta, xoxo.

The Glitter Chic

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